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Classical music video subscription site

Sort of a “Netflix for classical music” (but a lot more expensive:  Subscriptions from $120 – $190 / year (as of today).  They claim to offer over 100 live events per year, and the catalogue of viewable videos is currently over 1600.

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Denk on Ives by Denk

Jeremy Denk is a terrific writer, the best I’ve read among contemporary serious pianists. His blog, Think Denk, is erudite and funny, passionate and inspired. He recently published an article in The New Yorker. In it he recounts his experience making a professional recording of Charles Ives’s Concord sonata, with reflections on the frustrations, opportunities […]

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Musical expression and the brain

There’s been interesting work for several years on the importance of expectation — and foiling expectation — in musical expression.  This article in the New York Times seems to think the idea is newer than it is, but it does a reasonable job of making the point, including interviews and examples from significant musicians and […]

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