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Discussion of memorization on Sonata newsgroup

Pointer for me (this is to a private newsgroup):

In March of 2003 there was quite a discussion of memorization on the Sonata Yahoo group:

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  1. Peter Tarsio | 22 September 2010 at 7:47 pm | Permalink

    Memorization is a topic that is not often talked about and that is unfortunate and we all have to do it but very rarely know how to explain how one goes about doing this and the procedures involved. There are certain theories how this is to be done and the four standard ones are tactile, visual, auditory and analytical. Of all the ones mention here the tactile, motor or kinesthetic is considered to be the least reliable although we spend a good deal of our time playing and practicing the piano with the technical demands that it requires but in the end we have to use whatever is available to us to memorize a score.

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