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Various systems grading difficulty of pieces

There are various systems grading difficulty of pieces. Rough guides, YMMV.

Hinson’s Guide to the Pianists Repertoire and Friskin/Freundlich’s Music for the Piano. They both use level of difficulty as: Easy, Moderate, Moderately Difficult and Difficult

Graded 1-5:

Henle has a rating system of 1-9

The Great Britain ABRSM has a respected system.

Canada’s Royal Conservatory of Music RCM ranked music repertoire for each instrument:

From a colleague:

“At some point, I tried to create playlists for those graded performance pieces in the RCM piano syllabus (the 2015 edition) on Spotify. The playlists are incomplete because some pieces can’t be found (or has become unavailable), and I only managed to make three of them (RCM-9 through RCM-ARCT, mostly because those are easier to find. :

And through Spotify’s recommendation engine, I became aware of an Australian system, the AMEB ( that provides music albums for their graded pieces. For example, here is one — AMEB piano for leisure, Series 4/Grade 8:  If you use Spotify, you can find more by searching for “AMEB piano” albums.”

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