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Previewable repertoire for students

Philip Johnston, author of Practiceopedia and founder of, is not just a music educator (and entrepreneur), but also a composer. At he sells scores of his music for students. I have no idea how good his pieces are for teaching but he offers a very interesting feature: the student or teacher can preview the score on screen, and hear a recording of the piece, before buying:

A source of fresh, challenging and audience-friendly piano repertoire with a clever twist—you and your students can test drive works, making it easy to find the right piece for your next concert or contest….Free streaming audio performances of every work. Additional free downloadable complete MP3 high definition recordings are also available for your computer or Ipod, to help you learn the piece faster. So finding a new piece for your students is as simple as sending them to Recitalworks, and asking them to find one they like.

I’ve listened to a few of the recordings, and they aren’t half bad. I haven’t found a reason to study and learn from lesser works, but for those who are so inclined… He offers a pretty wide range of challenges (listen to his Etude RW10 for a short but challenging piece).

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