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“How to Practise”

Don’t criticize my spelling: Mike Saville is British.  And the blogger who publishes “How to Practise“, which is a site that provides a wealth of straightforward, often helpful practice tips, mostly in the form of exercises, drills, tricks (not really sure what to call them).  Similar to a few books I’ve mentioned, like Practiceopedia, and […]

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Harriette Brower, Piano Mastery

Harriette Brower’s 1915 book, Piano Mastery, is online in a public domain Project Gutenberg edition.  She recounts interviews she did with about 20 master pianists and teachers (e.g., Busoni, Paderewski, Goodson), includes essays on interpretation by William Mason and William Sherwood, and offers her own essay on technique (from hand position through practicing, memorizing, tone […]

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Blog devoted just to music practice

Ben Clapton offers a blog devoted solely to music practice.

Large practice resource page

Prof. Brent Hugh (Missouri Western State College of Music) maintains a rather extensive page on piano practice principles and methods. Throughout he sprinkles observations from the psychology of learning to clarify and justify the principles. I’d be happier if he provided some references for these “psychologists say” comments, because it is easy to mis-generalize research […]

31 days of practice advice

Chris Foley (Collaborative Piano Blog) spent October writing a music practice essay a day. What an undertaking! I think many of his ideas are good, and several are new to me. Some will be controversial (most modern serious teachers I know think Hanon-type exercises are very unproductive, for example), but Chris seems to be aiming […]

My books on practicing, and on music generally

Here is a listing of the books I have on practicing the piano. And a listing (incomplete) of the books I have on music generally (including practice, interpretation, playing, theory, harmony, history, etc.).

PracticeSpot resources for teachers and students is a well-stocked site with resources for practicing, aimed at both music teachers and students (it is not specific to piano). The founder, Philip Johnston has published several books on practice, available for purchase here. But there are many free resources: drill sheets and exercises for chords, scales, pitch recognition, sight reading, etc. A […]