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Nailed it!

No, not that insane Brahms broken chord accompaniment.  The brain of various musicians.  Enjoy.

Falling (water) music

Wow.  The cleverness (and programming patience) of folks amazes me.

We all have bad days at the keyboard

Some days playing the piano feels like this…

Otomata: cellular automata music generator

Batuhan Bozkurt has created a simple cellular automata music generator that runs in Flash in a browser window: Otomata.  You don’t need to understand cellular automata to play with it, and it generates fascinating, lovely music (he chose an interesting scale, and shapes the tones very nicely). Bozkurt has a lot of other interesting computer […]

Sonatina in Laugh Major

As my friend and occasional teacher Polly vanderLinde pointed out, the sonatina form is not correct, but one wouldn’t want to take this *too* seriously. Kathy Jensen of Hornheads performing Unaccompanied Laugh Sonatina for Soprano Op.99.2.

Pianos are more fun than climbing stairs

The Fun Theory (from VW!)

Schroeder knew what he was talking about

Here’s a charming piece in the New York Times about the authenticity of the snips of Beethoven scores that Charles Schultz drew to illustrate Schroeder scenes in “Peanuts”.  There were a “soundtrack” to the strip.  Fun example: a strip showing Schroeder doing strength and stamina training before going to practice…the Hammerklavier.

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Harriette Brower, Piano Mastery

Harriette Brower’s 1915 book, Piano Mastery, is online in a public domain Project Gutenberg edition.  She recounts interviews she did with about 20 master pianists and teachers (e.g., Busoni, Paderewski, Goodson), includes essays on interpretation by William Mason and William Sherwood, and offers her own essay on technique (from hand position through practicing, memorizing, tone […]

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Novels about pianists

I recently read two novels about pianists that my wife gave me for Christmas, and both were excellent. I will also briefly mention a third I read several years ago. I’m not going to try to write very thoughtful or complete book reviews here; I’ll briefly describe them and then point to reviews elsewhere. The […]

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